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Keep your vehicle on the road with top-notch vehicle maintenance and repair

Ensure your vehicle keeps running strong with top of the line auto maintenance. From tune-ups to oil changes to tire checks and more, we'll make sure your vehicle is running smooth and flawless.

Quality maintenance

Auto Maintenance

• Brakes

• Transmissions

• Exhausts

• Shocks

• Batteries / Starting / Charging

• Heating and cooling

• Struts / Suspensions / Springs

Auto repairs from A to Z

• New tires

• Mounting

• Rotation

• Balancing

• Off road tires

• All makes and models

Get tires for less

You never know when your car will breakdown and leave you in an unfamiliar location. Problems like this require 24/7 emergency towing service. Call Jeremy's Automotive & Performance for a quick response.

24-hour towing service

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