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Most people will rarely see the underside of their car or truck, but that won’t change its condition. It’s important your vehicles chassis and undercarriage are well protected from the elements.  The fact is, a new vehicle is subjected to thousands of spot welds and numerous bends and folds during production.


This process damages the pre-coated metal, allowing exposure to the corrosion process. Besides cosmetic damage,corrosion also weakens a vehicle’s structural integrity and can affect steering and suspension components.The destructive force of auto corrosion is the single greatest threat to your vehicle. It can lead to rapid deterioration of metal, not only resulting in poor appearance, loss of value but real safety hazards.


Don’t wait until you have a structural failure or fail a safety inspection. Deal with rust as you would any other maintenance item on the vehicle. Unlike paint or conventional undercoating, which cover and encapsulate rust, our rust prevention methods and products  penetrate through rust to the base metal. NH Oil Undercoating® Vehicle Undercoating Service is designed to create a barrier that can’t be broken, chipped or cracked. By staying fluid, our petroleum-based rust protection heals back over after any abrasions providing lasting protection, even in extreme conditions.


Ray Bressette;


“I watched my previous truck literally rot and rust away over the years to the point that it wasn’t safe to drive anymore. I knew I wouldn’t let that happen again with my new vehicle. I discovered the NH Oil Undercoating website when trying to find an oil undercoating product that looks good, holds up, and is convenient to apply. To my knowledge, there is no other product on the market that contains a unique black tint in an environmentally friendly oil undercoating like NH Black.” Read full review




Rustoration NH Oil Undercoating® Vehicle Undercoating Services


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